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Robert Perroud Robert Perroud Robert Perroud Robert Perroud Robert Perroud Robert Perroud

“The art of making wine in my family goes back to the French Revolution. This history provides a canvas for me to express myself through my craft of making wine, creating a feeling of personal freedom.”

Robert Perroud

The human experience is what motivates and drives me to collaborate with others sharing a mutual passion. My creation of Terroirs Originels 15 years ago has allowed me to fully invest myself in the pursuit of excellence from the vine to the glass.

What inspires me more than anything is nature I like to feel at one with it. My home is a bioclimatic house surrounded by vineyards and I still use the same cellar as my father and grandfather.

I take time to observe and protect the environment by developing biodiversity within my vineyards. In my operation I work with the help of my assistant Frederic in the vines and the cellar, our work demands so much detail and we both consider making wine an art. Everything is tailored to the needs of our vines and much effort is put forth by hand in the vineyard, because no great wine can be made without exceptional grapes!  Which at my estate are handpicked, when fully ripened, by a happy and loyal band of harvesters and transported in small cases of only 50 kg. My winery is located just meters from my plots. Here in my operation it is about as local and sustainable as it gets!

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Published on February 05 2020


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