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Bourgogne Blanc Chiras

Floral and Elegant !

Whites: Chardonnay reigns as king of the terroirs of greater Burgundy, providing prolific pleasure to the white wine enthusiast! Fruity generous : The wine is harmonious expressing the spirit of the place and the unique character of the winemaker, notes of spices and black fruits Summer wines, the wines adapted for the summer and to their capacity for freshness Wines for aging, these are elegant wines with very fine tannins, he can be kept and aged for ten years or more.

White Burgundy Chiras


A chardonnay which has all the precision of a White Burgundy wine, thanks to his chalky terroir and one year aging in oak barrels from Auxey-Duresses

Food Pairings

Poultry with cream sauce, fishes, seafoods, and cheese

Retail price

15,00 €

Potential for aging.

15 Years.

Optimum moment for tasting.

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White Burgundy Chiras

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